​Dear 9th Grade Class,

Someday, oh say when you are 38 years old (really old!), someone may ask your recollections of what you learned in ____ class (fill in the blank) your freshman year of high school. Or, think back on your 7th grade year, what was your first big test and what did it cover? If you’re like most people, you probably won’t remember.

I don’t remember much about my 7th grade algebra class, BUT I do remember the moment my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Schaefer brought algebra to life and took away my fear of the subject. I remember what outfit I was wearing when my middle school choral director told me I had a gift for music and people. I remember what my piano teacher’s bench looked like the day she challenged me with a very difficult piece for my piano recital. Each of these moments are memorable because someone I respected saw potential in me and encouraged me to see it within myself. (Within every acorn, is an oak tree.) What they said or did affected the way I viewed myself. And, the way I viewed myself could, by my own choice, let a lasting mark on those around me. Mrs. Feldmann and I hope you will know how much your words, actions and gifts have left a positive mark on your fellow students, your audiences and us….even if you didn’t sing the correct rhythms in sections of Sicut Cervus! 😉

On behalf of the JHC staff, Mrs. Feldmann and I recognize the flourishing potential in all of you. Together, you have made up an EXCEPTIONAL 9th grade class! Your talent and leadership have been exemplary; choice of actions over words have inspired a “can do” because we-will-try attitude; courtesy, concern, and respect for those around you have created a safe environment for all JHC events; and pride for, and ownership of the JHC have generated a positive influence on your peers. You have set a VERY high standard for those who follow in your footsteps, all the while serving with genuine humility and kindness. We thank you! 

As you move forward to Senior Honors Choir (and we hope you will!), the JHC staff trusts that you will recognize the importance your individual value adds to the whole. We hope you will always seek ways to unlock your fullest potential ~ plant your acorn in fertile soil! One Voice really can be heard when spreading the message of Why We Sing. Blessings and best wishes from the entire JHC staff to all of you!

In One A-chord 🎶,
Mrs. Knott & Mrs. Feldmann 
Mrs. Waltimyer
Miss Carol
Mrs. Carpenter
Mrs. McQueen 

Junior Honors Choir 2020 9th Graders

Josh Bissell, Northern

Luke Brosi, Lancaster Country Day

Grace Carpenter, Dover

Alyssa Colon, West York

Seth Erdley, Northeastern

Gianna Gartner, Northeastern

Jordan Gipe, Eastern

Julianna Jennings, William Penn

Caitlyn Laird, Dover

Ava Markel, Dallastown

Caleb Metzler, Lancaster Mennonite

Aidan Miller, York County School of Technology

Matt O'Brien, Susquehannock

York County Honors Choirs, Inc.
PO Box 827 - York, Pennsylvania 17405
717.417.4621  [email protected]
Daniel Perkins, Dover

Bobby Repp III, Dover

Megan Shorb, York Suburban

Aleesia Smith, Dallastown

Anna Smith, Dallastown

Tyger Smock, Logos Academy

Kylie Snelbaker, Dover

Corey Strayer, Dallastown

Bekah Sutherland, Northeastern

Rachael Wertz, Northeastern

Emma White, Dallastown

Noah Youcheff, York Suburban