Information From Directors for JUNIOR HONORS CHOIR 

If you need to contact or reply to Director Mrs. Donna Knott
    please email [email protected]

February 18, 2020
Dear JHC Parents/Guardians & Students,

Thank you all for getting your youth to the concert on Sunday at Union Lutheran, as well as the opening season concert on February 8!  Mrs. Feldmann and I appreciate all that it takes to juggle your family schedules so that your youth can be a dependable part of the choir! Even though our chicks have left our own nests, we remember and appreciate all of the effort and dedication it takes!

Updated schedule at the top of this page: Please read it carefully for details, arrival/concert/pick up times.  

March concerts:

  •   Friday, March 13 (8:00 AM - 3:00 PM) 
  •   Sunday, March 29, 3:00 PM

Educational Day Form: If your district requires one to be completed for the tour on Friday, March 13, please do so immediately. This is not required by the Honors Choirs organization. It is through your school district.  

Carnegie Hall Requirement:

  •   Executive Director, Bill Lytle has not changed the requirement that all students will need to return home from NYC on the coaches.
  •   This was announced at the parent meeting on October 13 and again on November 16.
  •   The decision is made in the best interest of your youth for safety reasons.  

March 2:   

Reserved seating tickets for York County Honors Choirs Season Finale Concert on Sunday, May 31, 6:30 p.m. at the Appell Center-Strand Theatre in downtown York, will be available starting Monday, March 2.  $23 adult, $13 student/child/alumni.

Please join Junior Honors Choir, Senior Honors Choir, and the first Children’s Honors Choir for a fabulous night of performances, sharing the “love” and “hope” of our community and youth.

Phone: 717-846-1111 • Box Office Hours Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Box Office: 50 North George Street, York, PA 17401 • Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Tickets are non-refundable. Box Office opens two hours prior to concert.

  •   Carnegie Hall tickets will go on sale
  •   Details to follow

February 13, 2020 - Please also see February 11 info below.

Dear JHC Parents,

I have just learned that worship will end at 11:00 AM instead of 10:45 AM on Sunday. Please plan accordingly.

Communion will be served on Sunday. Your child is not expected to participate. 

A gentle reminder: please send a healthy snack and water with your youth!!

Thank you,🎶
Donna Knott & Susan Feldmann 

February 11, 2020
Dear Students & Parents/Guardians,

Congratulations on your first inform-ance of the season! Sharing our feedback together at the end of the evening was important. We’ve heard positive feedback, as well as a consensus that we have work yet to accomplish.

This week’s email:

· February 15 Payment due

· February 16 Singing at Union Lutheran Church

February 15 payment due:

· The JHC staff is NOT able to accept this payment. If you send it with your child, he/she will be responsible for it until the end of the concert.

· Payable to: YCHC

· Mail to: YCHC, P.O. Box 827, York, PA 17405

· Any questions regarding this payment should be directed to our main office located at Asbury UMC, [email protected] . The JHC staff does not handle main office details.

Sunday, February 16: Parents, family, friends welcome

· Union Lutheran Church, 408 W. Market Street York, 17401   9:30ish AM

· EVERYONE pleeeeeease bring a snack and a water bottle

· Bring black folders with Sicut Cervus ONLY

· This early hour will cause many students to faint if they are not well rested, eat before coming AND bring food and water to maintain their sugar levels.

· 8:15 AM Student drop off

        o Drop off and pick up location: Front doors of church on Market Street entrance ONLY

· 8:30 AM Choir on the risers

        o Parents are welcome in the sanctuary after you have dropped students off at the front door.

· 9:15 AM Choir rest, drink, eat

· 9:30 AM Worship begins ~ we sing in worship

· 10:45 AM Pick up Market St. entrance only

· Free parking located on the street, small amount behind the church, and down the street at Penn Farmers Market

· Come dressed in concert attire, hair in bun, stage make-up, boys hair off of face, no jewelry, no phones

See you all Sunday!
Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann 🎶 

February 6, 2020 - please also read message from February 4 below

Dear Saturday, 2/8 Concert Guests,

  Your party will need to be together when you are seated in the sanctuary.  
  You will be unable to save a seat for someone arriving later.  
  Guests will be ushered into the seats one pew at a time so we can fit all JHC families.

   For safety reasons:
  There is only 1 door that will be open for audience members to enter.
  That entrance door will be locked at the start of the concert, 7:00 PM.  

   End of concert:  
  A free-will offering will be collected at the doors.
  Please meet your child in the gym following the concert.  
  You will be waiting in the gym approximately 10-15 minutes before the students arrive to greet you.  

February 4, 2020
Dear JHC Parents/Guardians & Students,

Our performance season has officially begun! Mrs. Feldmann, the JHC staff and I will see students at approximately 2 concerts each month.  PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED SCHEDULE at the top of this page.  

The students and staff of the York County Junior Honors Choir would like to invite you to their opening season INFORM-ANCE on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM at our rehearsal home, Zion UMC. Seating will begin at 6:30 PM. A free-will offering will be taken at the conclusion of the INFORM-ANCE.  

Because of Zion’s sanctuary fire code, please limit your party to 3-4 people.  The space seats 286. If all students bring 4 people we will have 332 audience members ~ waaaay over our limit.

This week’s email:

  •   February 8 concert details
  •   This age group faints easily!!! Please read the details below.
  •   Professional photo
  •   February 15 payment for Carnegie Hall trip
  •   What is an INFORM-ANCE?
  •   Air conditioning/heating Saturday evening.
  •   Signing up for NYC Roommates
  •   March 2: Tickets go on sale at the Appell Center for the Season Finale (May 31); information forthcoming
  •   April: Carnegie Hall ticket sales will begin; information forthcoming

SATURDAY February 8:

  •   Updated Schedule: Note the changes in arrival times and no parents need to attend the outfit check.
  •   Concert attire, socks, hair, make-up, bra straps, jewelry, studs/silver button and ADDITIONAL make up, will be checked upon arrival. Please arrive 20 minutes earlier than your CALL TIME.
  •   If jewelry needs to be taken off, the STUDENTS are responsible for it, not the staff.
  •   EVERYONE must bring water and a healthy meal AND snack. Please no sugary foods, sodas, juices, etc. These will cause sugar levels to spike and then crash too quickly resulting in fainting on stage.
  •   NO PHONES!!! 😊 If found, it will be taken until after the concert ~ AND the staff will not be responsible for it if it is misplaced. Also,if you forget to retrieve it, it will be your responsibility to come to Mrs. Knott’s home to get it.
  •   Please 🙏 shower and wash your hair. 🥴
  •   No scented body products of any kind ~ fragrances heighten when body temperatures rise resulting in migraines for those with allergies. 😩

  •   Girls: Please….
                * Hair in a bun and stage make-up (mascara, lip stick and blush) upon arrival. It is never to be done AFTER you arrive.  
                * BRING make-up with you to retouch before concert.
                * Sports bras and colored bras: you will be asked to remove them.
                * Black knee high nylons are fine. 
                * Leave all jewelry at home. Non-sparkly earring STUDS are ok.

  •   Guys: Please….
              * Long hair in a pony tail
              * Bangs off of eyes. Bangs should be able to remain in place without hands in hair or flipping your head to keep it out of your eyes.
              * Black socks (cover skin) ~ NO no-show socks
              *  Vest waist adjusted for a more tailored appearance.
              *  NEW and RETURNING members: wear your studs.  Your silver button will be given to you upon arrival.                                    
              Silver buttons will be collected at the close of every concert and distributed at the start of every concert.

  •   Fevers: please do not send your child unless fever-free for 24 full hours
  •   Communication the day of the concert:  TEXT (not call please) Lark Ann Waltimyer: 717-880-6555

After the concert Saturday evening:

  • The students will be held in the Music Suite for approximately 10-20 minutes to evaluate the concert.  
  •   At that time, please move from the sanctuary to the CLC to wait for the students.  
  •   The sanctuary will need to be completely cleared for our group of 4 fathers to reset the sanctuary for morning worship.


  This past Sunday we had 8 students go down while standing for rehearsal. This will be the same amount of time they will stand for a concert.

Steps to take to prevent concert fainting:

  •   It’s all about you maintaining your child’s sugar levels.
  •   As much rest as possible all weekend.  
  •    PLEASE, no sleepovers on the weekend of a concert!
  •   Drink plenty of water all week and weekend.
  •   EAT before coming to rehearsal.
  •   Avoid foods with high sugar content the day of a concert.
  •   Don’t ignore bringing meals, snacks and water when it is requested by the JHC staff. We are helping your child’s sugar levels remain normal.

Professional Photo:

  •   Every student will receive a free photo. 
  •   SYNERGY will receive a photo order form in an email this week. Please note the date the payment and form is due, and to WHOM it is to be returned.

February 15 Payment due:

  •    The JHC staff is NOT able to accept this payment. If you send it with your child, he/she will be responsible for it until the end of the concert.  
  •   Payable to: YCHC
  •   Mail to: York County Honors Choirs, P.O. Box 827, York 17405
  •   Any questions regarding this payment should be directed to our main office located at Asbury UMC, [email protected]. The JHC staff does not handle main office details.

What is an INFORM-ANCE?

  •   The students will perform as if this were a performance. However, we will share with you, the parents, some added interesting things that have taken place during rehearsals.
  •   Thus, you will be INFORMed during the performance.
  •   Also, because this is a year leading towards our trip to Carnegie Hall, additional repertoire was required. The JHC does not normally learn this much repertoire in a normal season.  
  •   As a result of the additional repertoire, the choir is a bit behind on performance etiquette, preparation of 3 songs and musical nuances. This will continue to be addressed for the remainder of our concert season.  
  •   The choir will be a work in progress as you see and hear them throughout the season!🥳
  •   This is actually the way a choir should progress in an educational setting. We are not teaching towards a performance. We are teaching towards the educational growth of each student. Learning is a process. Some of the best teaching moments take place in the midst of mistakes. 😊 

Warning ~ concert temperature will vary for all performances: 🥺

  •   Please prepare yourself for a VERY cold venue, that could also become VERY warm.  
  •   We encourage you to dress in layers.
  •   We ask venues for VERY cold temperatures so the students won’t faint. Sometimes it can feel like an ice box for the audience.
  •   However, sometimes the venue's system cannot handle the large number of audience members and the venue becomes very warm.
  •   We never know what we will get until the concert takes place.
  •   When necessary we open windows and doors for the students.

Signing up for roommates THIS SATURDAY: 

  •   The students attending the Carnegie Hall trip to NYC in June will be signing up during dinner.  
  •   It is important that you talk with your child to be sure they have at least 1 roommate.  
  •   Students will sign up in rooms of 4.
  •   This is a VERY stressful situation for some students.  
  •   Mrs. Feldmann, the JHC staff and I take this very seriously. It can make or break your students traveling experience. And, many are already nervous about leaving home.
  •   Please contact me IMMEDIATELY if your child does not have a roommate.
  •   I had four 9th grade mentors offer to adjust their rooming needs for the good of someone who was feeling uncomfortable or left out! That has never happened before. This is an amazing group of 9th grade leaders!

See you all Saturday!
Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann 🎶

January 28, 2020
Dear JHC Parents/Guardians & Students,

Flu, flu stay away! 
Do NOT come another day! 

Wow! We know many are suffering from this nasty bug ~ our numbers showed it this past Sunday. Thank you for keeping your sick ones at home! Rest! Rest! Rest! We hope you are well to return this Sunday.

Sunday is our final rehearsal of the season. Shew! Where did these 5 weeks go! This past Sunday’s rehearsal was a challenge. We are behind in our preparations, so I have asked the students (especially the tenors) to pull their music back out and practice daily with the rehearsal tracks found on the Honors Choir website Student Center.

The shining light in the midst of Sunday’s learning process was our 9th grade leaders! Every one of them demonstrated exceptional focus, determination and a positive spirit! Parents, please pass that message of appreciation on to your child! Their leadership was superb!

This week’s email:

·  See the updated schedule at the top of this page.
   Don't forget your snack signup (link at the top of this page).

  Sunday, February 2
· Students need to bring a black, ½” 3-ring binder with Sicut Cervus in it for the season. They do not need to bring any other music.

· 12:25 PM: CALL BACKS begin. EVERYONE should check the list at the top of this page for your name. AND, check the time of your audition on the Call Back sheet. Please, be in the sanctuary, warmed up and ready to sing.

· 12:45 PM: Students who were ill this past week will try on hemmed trousers. (change in time)

· 1:00 PM ~ Students who were ill this past week must attend choreography session ~ Giovanni, G.G., Aaron, Lydia, Roman, Jonah, Maya, Rachel M., Sophia P., Christian, Shriya, Noah

  1:00 PM to 1:30 PM : a parent/guardian must pick up and sign for your child’s concert attire

  1:30 PM: Choir Rehearsal

· No body or hair scents of any kind please ~ there are a lot of allergies in the choir. And, when their body heat sets in the scents become too much. Also please have your child shower, including washing their hair for rehearsal. Be nice to your neighbor!

· Bring water bottle

· Let phones at home please.

 Saturday, February 8 ~ Opening Season Concert & photo taken

· Please note the 3:45pm (Synergy) or 4:30pm students’ arrival time WITH a parent. Outfits, undergarments, hair, make-up, guys bang length, socks (no ankle socks), jewelry to be checked.

         o Sorry to have to ask this of you. Last year’s overall look declined as the season progressed: pink bra straps, athletic bras sticking out in the back, lots of jewelry, boys with no-show socks, trousers that had become too tight and needed the waist band released, shirts that came out of a back pack in a ball of wrinkles, vests that swallowed the boys, girls with bright red socks, or purple hair accessories……

· Arrive in concert attire, with stage make-up and hair in a bun (if possible). Boys with long hair pull it into a ponytail, bangs don’t have to go too short, just not hitting below the arch of the eyebrow.

· No jewelry please. Stud earrings are okay, but nothing that sparkles.

· Bring dinner and water bottle. Everyone must have something to eat. Eating before you come is not enough. Their sugar will drop at concert time causing them to pass out on stage.

· Because of the limited seating, please limit your number of guests to 3.

· Volunteer men will be needed at the end of the concert to strike the Chancel area and reset the pulpit, lectern and choir chairs.

​  February 15:  The first payment for the New York/Carnegie Hall trip is due by February 15. You may use the sample payment plan below for the remaining $600 or use your own plan. Carnegie Trip Payment Coupons are found on the FORMS page.

The final trip balance is due by May 15. (If you wish to contribute to the Carnegie Hall fund to underwrite student trip scholarships, please indicate the gift on the payment coupon.) 

February 15 - $150   March 15 - $150   April 15 - $150   May 15 - $150  

Please mail check(s) / money order(s) to: York County Honors Choirs PO Box 827 York, PA 17405 (Please do not bring payments to rehearsals or concerts.)

   Sunday, February 16 ~ 10:30ish AM Concert, Location TBA

·  March 2: Tickets go on sale at the Appell Center for the Season Finale; information forthcoming 

·  April: Carnegie Hall ticket sales will begin; information forthcoming

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

January 25, 2020
Call Backs are posted at the top of this page.

January 21, 2020
Dear JHC Parents & Students,

Wonderful! Marvelous! Enthusiastic! Focused! Hard working! The choir was all of these things and more at yesterday’s rehearsal!!! We are making excellent strides towards excellence, leadership and focus. Mrs. Feldmann, the JHC staff and I are thrilled with the progress of the choir. Yesterday was so much fun.

MEN, please respond to [email protected] today!! Strong older brothers, fathers, etc. are GREATLY needed. Well, we really need your muscles!

When? Sunday at 1:00 PM (4 men) & 5:30 PM (4 men).  
Why? We need to reset Zion’s sanctuary for our rehearsal, and again after Synergy rehearsal. Some lifting required, as well as setting up risers.  

GUYS: Tuba and Namhla auditions Sunday at 1:00 PM.

Happening this weekend: 
Friday night:  Synergy rehearsal, 9th grade Benedictus auditions, Talent Show auditions
Saturday: A snow date, could it be that Sunday brings lots of snow and we reschedule for Saturday?? We never know. Tuck it in the back of your mind.
Sunday: Call Backs, new outfit hems checked, outfits distributed, rehearsal, male volunteers needed!!!!

Friday, January 24: Synergy rehearsal, 9th grade Benedictus audition, Talent Show auditions
Read the updated schedule at the top of this page for times
JHC members don’t have to be auditioning to attend.  
It’s a fun evening!
You do not need to wear your JHC t-shirt
Choose your best 90 seconds!!
If you forgot to give your music to Carol this past Sunday, have it on cardboard ready to give to her on Friday evening. Mrs. Feldmann is available too.

Saturday, January 25:
12:00: Call Back list will be posted on this page of our website
This Saturday rehearsal on our schedule will only take place if we would have to cancel on Sunday, January 26.
Watch the weather. Any change for Sunday would be made by Saturday at 10:00 AM.

Sunday, January 26:  
12:30: Call Backs 
        oPosted on this page of the website Saturday by noon
        oIf you are NOT called back, it does not mean that you are being ruled out for a solo.
12:45: Arrive WITH PERFORMANCE SHOES ~ only those students whose pants were measured for hemming and other alterations on January 12. 
1:00:GUYS: Tuba and Namhla auditions
1:00: MEN, (strong older brothers, fathers, etc.) to help reset the sanctuary for our rehearsal.
1:15:  Snack donations ~ see the website Student Center for your reminder
2:00: Parent volunteers to serve during break ~ see the website Student Center for your reminder
        oParents pick up concert attire
        oStudents will not be permitted to pick up concert attire
        oIf you are carpooling, a parent may sign for your child’s outfit. 
5:30: Synergy MEN, (strong older brothers, fathers, etc.) to help reset after rehearsal

From Honors Choirs Office: 
  • Emails have been sent with information about NYC/Carnegie trip discount for families with multiple children going on the trip. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk email, or contact Bill Lytle, [email protected].
  • Seeking part-time accompanist for Senior Honors Choir beginning summer/fall 2020. Please see details on the homepage of

Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

January 15, 2020
Dear Parents & Students,

Can it be?
Sunday’s rehearsal makes three!

Where did they go!
One and two are gone! Oh no!

What will be our fate?
Come and see on February 8.

Music, focus, potential and all,
There is no doubt; they will enthrall!

There’s much to do for the challenge at hand.
We have no doubt! They will be grand!

Who is “they” you ask with pride?
“The 2020 choir!”, the directors exclaimed with pride!

This week’s news:

1. Sunday’s solo auditions: please see the updated schedule at the top of this page

2. Snack sign-up & volunteers: please see the website, “Student Center” for your reminder.

3. Students with uncompleted music markings: Music will be checked during your break on Sunday.

4. 9th Grade auditions & Talent Show auditions January 24

5. Carnegie Hall payment reminders: ALSO, you will be receiving a letter from our Executive Office answering your questions from January 4.

6. Illness reminder: please see the message on our website posted January 8

7. Snow Cancellation Policy reminder: please see the message on our website posted January 8

Talent Show Auditions FRIDAY, January 24:

· This is a great social night and we hope you will come whether or not you are auditioning. It’s a great night to share your talent with your peers, and support your peers by listening!

· If you need Carol to play for you, your accompaniment music is due to her, on poster board (1-sided) on January 19.

· Pick the best 90 seconds of your song to share. It must be memorized, and be sure your face is expressing the meaning of the text.

· Instrumental, vocal, group, solo, dance, monologue, dance, be as creative as you wish! The skies the limit!

See you Sunday!
Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

January 8, 2020
Dear JHC Parents,

Congratulations to our students for your excellent preparations for Saturday’s auditions AND a superb first rehearsal on Sunday. Our season has officially begun, and Mrs. Feldmann, the JHC staff and I are ready and roaring to go! After experiencing the excitement in the air on Sunday we recognize you are ready to go too! Mrs. Feldmann and I have set the bar of excellence high, so we anticipate a dynamic year of growth!! Woo hoo!🤠

This week’s news:

  •   Schedule Update
  •   Illness
  •   Snow Cancellation Policy
  •   Sunday’s rehearsal ~ hemming, solo audition change, snack donations and volunteers.
  •   Upcoming Events ~ Talent Show auditions

Schedule Update: Please review the new one each week found at the top of this page. There is a change in solo audition time.

Tis the season of sickness ~ the season of keeping the “gift 🦠 to yourself”.😷 Rest! Rest! And, rest! We would prefer you remain at home if you have not been without a fever for 24 full hours 🤒, or have been on an antibiotic for 24 full hours 🤢! Nothing is more important at JHC than your recuperation.

Tis the season for ❄️ snow! Cancellations, if needed, will be posted on this page of our website 90 minutes prior to the first Call Time. See the schedule to know what the earliest Call Time is.

Sunday's Rehearsal: 

  •   Note audition time change on schedule.  Tuba & Namhla solo auditions in the sanctuary at 12:50. There are very few auditioning, so we do not need the full 45 minutes.
  •   Parents, please see the Snack donations 🍇🍌🍭🍿 & parent volunteer list on the website (link on the Student Center page). 
  •  Students having trousers or palazzo pants hemmed will need to bring your performance shoes with you (hem measuring times are scheduled throughout the rehearsal - parents do not need to be there): 
  • Jackson Aiosa, Hailey Baldwin, Hannah Bell, Madeline Bernadzikowski, Joshua Bissell, Lucas Buhrman, Kaitlyn Diener, Seth Erdley, Emerson Farwell, Jenna Funk, Gabriel Fusillo, Giovanni Fusillo, Aaron Geeting, Katie Gill, Jordan Gipe, Madeline Golden, Kristin Hershey, Julianna Jennings, Aiden Joseph, Trinity Keehner, Micah Kelley, Laken Kelly, Zach Kessler, Caitlyn Laird, Amelia Laudicina, Emelia Leader, Sarah Lesher, Roman Mastromatteo, Tracy McCoy, Aidan Miller, Wyatt Miller, Rachel Milsten, Maryellen Moore, Leah Neuhaus, Brayden Nolan, Sophia Papayannis, Priyal Prabhu, Abigail Repasky, Bobby Repp, Madison Reppert, Khloe Richardson, Sophia Scalet, Scotlyn Schmitt, Aiden Silva, Tyger Smock, Finn Sullivan, Kaeden Toomer, Kaitlyn Trautfelter, Shriya Trilok, Ashlyn Tyson, Rebekah Wertz, TJ Woods, Noah Youcheff

Talent Show Auditions:

  •   This is a great social night and we hope you will come whether or not you are auditioning. It’s a great night to share your talent with your peers, and support your peers by listening!
  •   If you need Carol to play for you, your accompaniment music is due to her, on poster board (1-sided) on January 19.  
  •   Pick the best 90 seconds of your song to share. It must be memorized, and be sure your face is expressing the meaning of the text.
  •   Instrumental, vocal, group, solo, dance, monologue, dance, be as creative as you wish! The skies the limit!

Wow! I got carried away with the Emojis!😂

See you Sunday!
Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

January 2, 2020
Happy New Year!

Saturday & Sunday, January 4 and 5, your child should wear their JHC t-shirt. They may wear something under it, but not over it please. Girls hair and make-up is to be worn for Saturday’s audition (not Sunday).

SATURDAY’S AUDITION: This is a gentle reminder that Saturday’s audition is for every member of the JHC. This is not an optional audition ~ it is an audition to confirm that your child has learned their music. 

SYNERGY: It is important that you know whether or not your child is auditioning for Synergy. At the end of the audition, members who wish to audition for Synergy will sing “Water Fountain.” These parents should be sure to bring your phone. You will be sending an email to my phone during your child’s audition in order to receive the Synergy roster that will be sent Saturday evening. The first Synergy rehearsal begins this Sunday, 4:45-5:30 pm.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Another gentle reminder to parents. Please read the “Code of Conduct” form found on the “Forms” tab of the Honors Choirs website. Your child has read it and signed it. You will be asked to sign their copy during your one-one-one meeting with Lark Ann Waltimyer. The copy will be provided for you.

Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

December 17, 2019
Dear Parents & Students,

This is the final email of the 2019 year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the JHC staff and me! My office will be closed December 17 through January 1, 2020. The January 4 audition schedule, Honor Code of Conduct Form and Updated Schedule can be found at the top of this page.

PARENTS, 🤓 please help your child stay on task learning their music!

  • We covered a LOT of details at rehearsal on December 14 that your child will be responsible to know. Please see the attached file at the top of this page, print it and give it to your child TODAY, please: "January 4 Student Music Update"
  • Craft out 5 days of 30-minute practice time
  • Look at the NEW rehearsal schedule in your music packet and at the top of this page, “Learning to Practice Efficiently.” Be sure your child is thoroughly covering all aspects of each days objectives.

January 4, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM: 90-minute JHC auditions & Synergy auditions  

  •   Arrive 15 minutes (please no more than that) BEFORE your audition time
  •   Everyone wear their JHC t-shirt
  •   GIRLS need to wear stage hair (all hair off of face in a bun) and make-up for approval. 
  •   BRING music and a water bottle
  •   ~  Must attend 90 minute audition
  •   ~  You will need your phone
  •   ~  You will have a one-on-one meeting with Lark Ann Waltimyer, nurse to discuss confidential health, emotional, psychological and educational needs.  
  •   ~  Read the DOCUMENT “Honor Code of Conduct Form" BEFORE January 4 (located at the top of this page). Do not sign this form - You will be given your child’s form to sign. Mrs. Knott has already covered this with your child.

January 5: 5 weekly rehearsals begin
  •   12:30 - 1:15 PM Solo auditions
  •   1:30 - 4:30 PM Rehearsal
  •   4:30 - 5:30 PM Synergy rehearsal


  •   It’s time to buy concert shoes. They must be worn on January 12 for hemming.
  •   Hemming date, January 12, is the only date. There will not be any makeup date.

Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

December 2, 2019
Dear JHC Parents & Students,

January snack donations and parent volunteer openings: Check the snack donation and volunteer list on the Student Center page of our website for our 5 rehearsals in January. We have some openings. Thank you to ALL who have volunteered already!!! Woo hoo!  🥳

Learning to Practice Efficiently: PARENTS, 🤓 please help your child stay on task by:

  •  Crafting out 5 days of 30-minute practice time
  •  Look at the NEW rehearsal schedule in the music packet, “Learning to Practice Efficiently.” Be sure your child is thoroughly covering all aspects of each days objectives.

 Monday, December 9: I will need all student conflicts for the January 4 auditions. I kindly ask that no changes be made after that date……if at all possible.🥴

 Saturday, December 14:  

  •  9:00 - 10:00 AM: Optional Synergy rehearsal
  • 10:00 AM - noon: Optional full choir rehearsal

 December 17:

  •  January 4 audition schedule posted on the website
  •  Last message posted on the website for 2019

 December 18 - January 1: Donna Knott's office will be closed. 🤶🏻😴

 January 4, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM: 90-minute JHC auditions & Synergy auditions

  •  Parent must be in attendance for the full 90 minutes
  •  Parent one-on-one with Lark Ann Waltimyer. Come ready to discuss your child's educational needs, psychological needs, emotional needs and any extraneous struggles that may affect them during the JHC season and trip
  •  You will be asked to read & sign your child’s Character Form. The form will be provided for you.

January 5: Starts 5 weeks of rehearsals

  •  12:30 - 1:15 PM Solo auditions
  •  1:30 - 4:30 PM Rehearsal
  •  4:30 - 5:30 PM Synergy rehearsal

 Donna Knott & Sue Feldmann

November 26, 2019
JHC Parents & Students,

ATTENTION MALE ALTOS: Tuba/Namhla rehearsal track for male altos has the wrong voice part. The track is deleted on the Rehearsal Music Page. Please use the Alto 2 rehearsal track.